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Thread: P3d 747?

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    Default P3d 747?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a good P3Dv4 compatible 747. I know there's one out the for $140, but I'm not willing to spend that much! Do any of you have another one?
    I know the default will still work, just hoping there's another option.

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    I've found this one to work for me. It's not as detailed as the PMDG 747NG but it's less than half the price and does everything I need..........Doug
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    The ifly 747 is a great bird!
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    According to some real 748 pilots, it does everything the same, and in some cases a little better then PMDG's 747.

    Although I'm into the classics at the moment so its gathering cobwebs.

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    I had the iFly 747 for FSX, it was more than I could wrap my little brain around. Thanks for the answers.

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