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Thread: Poor definition in FSX Steam

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    Thumbs down Poor definition in FSX Steam

    I have just purchased the Steam edition of FSX and find the instrument panel and gauges awful with no clarity at all. My FS9 panels were all crystal clear. Is there some settings I should change or is this a recognised shortcoming of FSX.

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    Make sure the FSX resolution matches your monitor’s resolution.
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    No, not a 'feature' but a result of unoptimized settings or underpowered machine. FSX configures itself based on the computer specifications it detects.

    Check your display settings; in the aircraft tab, make sure the High Res' cockpit is checked.
    Make sure in your display settings that you have your monitor's recommended resolution selected; Trilinear or anisotropic filtering; Global texture slider max; framerate target at 24 or 30 - then see how it looks and how it runs. Look for smooth display; ignore the actual fps.

    good luck
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    Thanks I will try those suggestions and see what happens.

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    Sounds like the cause is low specs. What are the specs of your computer?

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    HP PC Windows 10
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    Installed memory 8.00 GHz (7.88 usable)
    64 bit Operating system x64 based processor.

    Does this mean anything to you?

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    Does it have a graphics card?
    Is it a laptop/all in one pc, or is it a desktop?
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    If it does not have a graphics card then that's the cause of the low def image. (if you have just HdGraphics ( is part of the Cpu and gives a display output) then that's not good enough for gaming. You'll need a separate graphics card installed.)

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    Thanks to everybody but it is still not good enough so have written off FSX as a loss and gone back to stable FS9

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