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Thread: ROPLANEV1.2 (the alternative of FSPASSENGERS P3DV4)

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    Good morning, everyone

    I present ROPLANEV1.2: a small PASSENGERS simulation program for P3DV4.
    This is a relatively inspired application of fspassengers that I have concocted to no longer be "alone on board" with P3DV4.
    The realization of this opus was only possible thanks to the wonderful program of PAUL HENTY for the connection with fsuipc. Obviously it is not even worth quoting PETER DOWSON the father of fsuipc. Many thanks to these two gentlemen of the simulation
    Many thanks also to the designer of the French voices.
    So this is basically a program that is not rich in FPS, that simulates the management of passengers on board services, flight riks ,weather impact bonus-malus etc.….
    This is a program that I would do on a move to evolve on the next versions. So let me show your comments and suggestions Compatible with P3DV4; AIRAC 1909 used for design.
    For those who do not own MakeRunways 4.82. It will be necessary to paste it to the root of P3DV4 and launch it. This will allow to have the necessary CSV files for the terrains.
    Installation: -unzip the file somewhere on the computer:
    -Create a desktop shortcut with: ROPLANE V1.2.exe
    -Start p3dv4 -Click on ROPLANE V1.2.exe and go.
    The download link on you tube :

    Ps: If you like the program... no, and you want to give me as little funding as it is, please find the link below.
    Thank you in advance
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    hoe can i download this Roplane software

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