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Thread: Ultimate Traffic Live

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    Wait so I go into my fsx settings to find the graphics settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjet123 View Post
    Wait so I go into my fsx settings to find the graphics settings.
    Either there or go outside, then down the block, turn left for about 100 yards and look for the little red house on the corner. All of your answers will be there waiting for you!
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    Make sure your FSX resolution matches your Windows resolution?

    And, as explained, AI have low resolution textures, so the cpu doesn't get overworked and fsx runs smoothly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjet123 View Post
    I found my mistake and fixed it and now I am getting ai traffic at my airport but now I am wondering why the ai traffic from ultimate traffic live appear to be so washed out, like the colors on the aircraft appear to be grainy and no very detailed. Attachment 209286
    AI aircraft usually are not very detailed to help frame rates. It's up to each modeler how detailed each single aircraft is. I notice in the UT Live aircraft folder that the newer models such as the B787 and A380 are way more detailed.

    The "stair stepping" on the fuselage can be reduced with higher filtering/anti-alising settings but this impacts frame rate.
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