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Thread: Engine start and shut down

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    Default Engine start and shut down

    Just getting started with XP 11 after something like 30 years with MSFS starting with FS2. I've gone through the manual and all the keyboard settings and for the life of me I can't figure out how to shut down the engines and then start them again. I would think there must be some keyboard combination to do these two things. Anyone can help with this??? Thanks


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    Hi Mike.
    What Make / Model of acft?
    To Shut off:
    In the GA like the 172 you use the Mixture>Avionics>Master?Key...
    To auto start> X SHIFT sim/operation/auto_start
    For more details see this file:
    ....:\XPlane11\XP1130b7\X-Plane 11\Output\preferences\X-Plane Keys.prf
    It's a text file you can open in Notepad, Word...

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    As flytv alludes to..engine on and off are aircraft specific, although there is an option in the top left screen corner to setup the sim with the engines started.....

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