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Thread: Problem with Dreamfleet Baron 58 RXP

  1. Default Problem with Dreamfleet Baron 58 RXP

    Have the above aircraft which I have had for many years.

    This plane ran perfectly on my system which is Win7-64. I

    have a panel mod which uses purchased Realityxp gauges. I

    made the mistake of running the new Wrapper but didn't

    install. It produced a new license file. Guess what now the

    aircraft doesn't work. The plane loads up fine but the DF

    gauges are blacked out and the engines shut right down.I

    uninstalled my anti-virus,dep turned off and firewall is

    turned off. I tried a reinstall of the plane with the same

    result. I contacted Flight1 but the aircraft is not their

    aircraft and Dreamfleet support gone-miss Lou. I had this

    happen before and it was a .lic problem on an FSD aircraft.

    I tried a replacement of the DF gauges that worked before to

    no avail. The Flt1chk2,3,4 dll file are installed in the

    Syswow64 under the C:/windows folder which they were before.This is the same hdd I have had.

    I have been trying to solve this for 2 weeks now. Just for

    the heck of it I purchased the same aircraft with the lite

    version with the same result.I know the wrapper 3.03 new

    version with the new Encripted Wrapper is prenventing a

    problem. I have the Dreamfleet' A-36 Bonanza and It works

    fine. Anyone that has this running on the same system win7-

    64 have an idea. I have 70 products with Flight1 and asked

    for a older wrapper or direct download but no avail. This

    was my favorite aircraft.

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    As far as I remember there were two versions of the Baron available: Baron Lite and Baron RXP. The RXP version had the RealityXP gauges included and the Baron Lite came without. Because these RealityXP gauges were 16-bit addons, they are not running anymore under Windows 7 x64 and black areas are displayed instead.

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    I also purchased the lite version also with the same results. The instruments are blacked out and the engines shut down. I've enclosed a pictureClick image for larger version. 

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    I've had three aircraft with Reality XP gauges (all on a Vista 32 system), never got them to work. Uninstalled/reinstalled, installed in safe mode, installed as admin; was told i needed a separate download of just RXP gauges; even torrented a hacked version of one aircraft ...nothing helped, either had no gauges or psychedelic pink gauges with "Reality XP" in big letters. Finally gave up and swapped the gauges, perhaps not as accurate but at least functional.

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    That is probably what I should do is swap out the gauges. I do have the Reality Xp gauges and they work. Do you have a copy of the panel cfg with the gauges swapped ? This is driving me crazy. This worked fine before the .lic file was changed.

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