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Thread: Random Black Screen

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    FS9 (or 9.1) goes to a black screen at random times. Checked the CPU, is very clean and had a tech install a new power source. The CPU used to shut down, then restart; now, since the new power source, it goes black, I need to shut it down and restart it. What to do next? The computer was built about 4 years ago, and this just started happening 1 or 2 months ago.

    Running: Intel Core i3-4150CPU @ 3.5 GHz 3.5 GHz; RAM 8; 64 bits; Windows 7 Pro, Ser Pack 1; ASUS DRW- 24F1ST c ATA Device; AT3320311CS ATA Device; Have also added a video card to the mother board to beef up the video and I think it has 2 gigas of ram.

    Don't know how to find the specs for the card.

    What do I need to do?

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    Is it just Flight Sim that this happens to? Or does the computer black screen on other programs too? Might be a graphics card issue. Could need new drivers. Might also download Malwarebytes Free and run it. It will check your system for malware to see if that might be causing the issue. My bet is on some type of graphics issue. But it's always good to check your system for malware.

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    Will check the malware then. It also happens to other games.

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    Check this out for your "Black Screen of Death".

    It says for Win 10 but might apply for Win 7.
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    Windows 10 didn't work for me, but I did a search for windows 7 and came up with a page- will try over the next several days.
    Thanks a lot, guys for all you help!!

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    Your problem sounds like someone really needs to check your PC by sitting in front of it.
    Try different drivers for your graphics card. It may also be worth opening up the case and checking the card is solidly in place and the connections from the power supply are solidly in place. Leave it to someone else if you are not confident.
    Mark Daniels

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    Thanks for that info. I could check most of that, but I'd have to have a good tech to sit here, or at his place, and run FS for a couple of hours. Sometimes its like 20 minutes, but typicaly it happens at about 50 minutes. I just flew fore an hour and it went okay.

    Does going black actually hurt the CPU, or is it mainly an inconvenience?


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    I experienced the same problem about 6 months ago. I got the black screen and shut down with programs other than FS9, most notably the Firefox browser that make use of rapidly changing graphics. I also run Win7 Pro, but use an nVidea graphics card. Graphics card updates didn't fix the problem, but after several Win 7 monthly software updates the problem was solved. Still don't know what in Win 7 caused the problem, but I suggest updating Win 7 software if you haven't done it recently.

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    I apprciate the replies, but have decided to give the CPU to a technician- when I get the money. He says he can isolate the problem. Thanks again.

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    If you are in the Dallas, Texas area I will look at it for free. I am a retired LEO and I build and fix computers for friends and family. If I can't fix it you can always take it to a shop. Offering from one FS enthusiast to another

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