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    Does anyone have any idea what happened to this plane? I have been watching the HJG website for a long time now. It has always said the B737-100/200 were under construction and coming soon. Last night I went to check their site and the 100/200 has been removed. No mention of it in the downloads section. And I can't find any mention of it in their forum section. I also noticed that the Tin Mouse versions are no longer available at another flight sim website.
    I would post in the HJG forums but the last time I did that about an aircraft I got a snide comment back from the founder. So I am asking here. I did download the Tin Mouse versions years ago but never installed them. I do not have the updates though. I was waiting patiently for the HJG version. Thanks.

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    I assume you received your answer at HJG?
    They're passionate and that's a good thing.
    Mark Daniels

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    Actually, they can be quite snobby.

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    I did post on their forum and received an answer that the website was being "cleaned up". The B737-100/200 are still in development but any info on them has been removed from their site. One guy was really nice about it. The other guy was a bit snobby and stern. It was like I was getting a lecture from him.

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