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Thread: Fsx airplane download not appearing in fsx steam

  1. Angry Fsx airplane download not appearing in fsx steam

    hello I recently downloaded a aircraft, but after following the direction in the readme file, nothing showed up when I tried to select aircraft in fsx steam. here is the file name if anyone wants to try. Thanks The file name is called b788_hainan, and you have to go to to search for it.

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    How about you fix the other 3,000 problems you’ve posted about before downloading anything new.

    Good day to you.
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    It would be nice if you tried to download the file for me and tried to help, but that’s fine.

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    Hello CJet123,

    I don't use the SE version of FSX, I have Boxed (Gold Deluxe) but that should not matter for the purposes of installation for this aircraft. It is only a matter of extracting the zip to a temp folder then Open the folder b788_hainan Copy/Paste the Folder \Boeing7878hainan to your SimObjects\Aircrafts folder. Nothing more to do!!
    Its a very simple aircraft install, (Model, Panel, Sound, Texture, Texture B2728_Hainan,) the folder you copy to the Aircrafts folder has everything needed, there are no additional or unusual tasks, other than reading up on the FMC operations manual (supplied).

    Ok so I head over to Simviation, download ( 100mb zip. Extract file with 7Zip to a Temp folder, copy Boeing7878hainan to my SimObjects\Aircrafts folder, start FSX, open aircraft selection find in the alpha-numeric B for Boeing then 787 before going past the Blue Angels Boeing FA-18's you will find your (Boeing 787-8 Hainan Airlines B-2728), Make sure you have drop menus(Manufacturer, Publisher, Type, set as "ALL" to show all aircrafts installed and their repaints.

    When you select the Hainan B787-8 aircraft you will have several files to add to the [Trusted] section of FSX.cfg please say yes to each dialog at this point, these gauges will be added to the config automatically.

    No issues this end, installing or otherwise, had a quick fly, Aircraft behaves ok, should be the same for you.

    See pic.

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    Your main issue is that you have not understood how the menu structure in FSX:SE is laid out compared to plain jane FSX. SE adds a couple of layers to the structure, below those layers everything is the same. Once you have grasped that, it will work for you.


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    I got working now, I don't know what the problem was but I got. Thanks for the help

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    the only thing that is a little depressing is that it doesn't have any aircraft views, for example a wing view.

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    Jethrom could you please try downloading and installing this aircraft, the file name is just search it on I got to install on my flight simulator, but for some reason the aircraft makes no sound or it doesn't have a working cockpit. thanks

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    Hi Cjet123,
    Downloaded installed this aircraft, I find it frustrating with some of these TDS aircraft that although most of the features seem to work, the Sound and Panel is aliased to the FS2004 default b737-400 (Easily corrected if you know how) These must be edited to correspond to the Default FSX B737_800, (using the FSX-P3D folder FSX/P3D versions, in the extracted download zip) you will then have sounds and 2D Panel for the aircraft but still no VC, only a 2D cockpit accessable only by using the FSX menu >Views > View Mode > Cockpit>Cockpit on first load otherwise the keyboard and joystick cycle locks up. I do not like these frustrating features, disappointing dis-functionality, I am not prepared to work at fixing these oversights, and have removed the aircraft from my Sim), it will not find a happy home on my system.
    No VC and a dodgy view cycle make it problematic, not only that but there are no install instructions or directions for the secondary Model Panel Sound .air & Aircraft.cfg. (I guessed what to do with them, though it made little difference to making VC function for this model in FSX) it would seem to be a longstanding issue with TDS models and no VC.
    Not a download for the novice who require simplicity and concise instruction, sorry to say this one might not be for you. Although the aircraft does appear correctly and seem to function and sound ok in my FSX setup it is also not one I am going to keep or waste any more time on, too much of a fiddler for my liking.

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    I gave up on TDS aircraft some time ago. Too much work to make them halfway flyable.
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