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Thread: When click on the Magnifying Lens Icon and start typing to search Nothing Happens.

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    Default When click on the Magnifying Lens Icon and start typing to search Nothing Happens.

    In the lower left corner of the Task Bar an icon which seem to look like a Magnifying Lens, when I click on it and start typing to search nothing happens. Normally after a few letters it will direct you to the subject you are looking for. It used to work so I may have done something to change it. Appreciate the help.


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    Do you see a blinking bar cursor before you begin typing. Do you see words being typed into the white box.
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    If you don't see the above, try: Windows Control Panel W7, 8, 10, or Action center W7 > Troubleshoot common computer problems - Troubleshooter > select "View All" > Select "Search & Indexing" > Click "Next" when presented with a selection of checkboxes > choose the top one "Files Don't appear in Search Results" > click next to run the troubleshooter . Results will be presented when finished found, fixed, or otherwise unfixed. Hopefully this shows a found & Fixed result.
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    The search in Windows is not really all that great. YOu may be interested in the program Everything.exe.

    If you are using Vista on up, then you can drag the shortcut to the task bar for quick access.

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    Make sure Windows Search Service is set correctly and is running. Explained here how to do that:

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