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Thread: Captain Sim F-18d xload question

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    Sorry if this has been covered. I started running prepar3d v4. I moved over the acceleration F18c and Captain sim F-18D. Neither had gauges so I switched out panels and was able to get the gauges to work on both. The acceleration F-18 is fully functional But the captain sim F-18D has no wheels and flight controls don’t function. The main aircraft shows up and interior. Is there away to fix the wheels and flight controls or am going have to send this aircraft into retirement. Thanks for any help and sorry again if this has been covered already.

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    The trouble is that P3D v4 is a 64 bit program, and the planes you want to use are 32 bit. They don't transfer.

    The latest FSDT FSX BA's F/A-18C does work, iirc. You can find the link to DL the P3D v4 version in THIS THREAD. Look about 1/2 way down the post to find the links. Make sure you dl the one specific to P3D v4, not the FSX/P3D v3 version. You may also need to download other files, like the .NET Framework, or other required files to make the aircraft function properly.
    Read through the thread for more info on such thing, and feel free to post any questions you may have. You may need to register to post on the thread, but it's free and easy to do so.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Pat. I thought it might be the 32 bit 64 bit. I have the blue angles f-18 and works great. I moved the panel out it to get gauges to work in the other two f-18’s. Semper Fi.

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