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Thread: Joystick and Keyboard Performance

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    Default Joystick and Keyboard Performance

    My joystick is a MS Force Feedback 2 which I've had for a while but seem to still be working OK. However since I upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7 I seem to be experience a few unexplained problems. There is no new driver upgrade available. I'm playing the FSX Steam at the moment. I'm also using a Saitek Cyborg Keyboard which also seem to be working OK but also has no upgrade driver available. Should I hang on to this items or go on and get me new ones?

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    Working ok but on driver update available.
    Do you mean it's working find while using the old driver? So no problem at all?

    Or did you mean that there is no driver that will install at all? And does that cause an issue somehow? Meaning it is only partly working now? (and which part isn't working).

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