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Thread: Bad performance after moving from HDD to SSD

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    Default Bad performance after moving from HDD to SSD

    A couple of weeks ago I switched from HDD to SSD.

    Made a fresh install Win10 on Samsung 250 SSD C:\ drive, and also fresh FSX onto Samsung 500Gb D:\

    Since then it takes a looong time to start FSX, and even much more longer if I change to another plane. It feels like double then on the old HDD.

    FSX performance itself is equal or even better during flight. No other change in HW or SW.

    Trim is on for both SSD's

    Thank you for any tips


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    Besides the computer below with HDD's I also have another with Crucial MX100 256gb and 512gb SSD's.

    I can't really tell much difference between the two. Perhaps a side by side comparison might reveal small improvements. With add-on SSD drives your going through SATA ports limited to 6gb/s.

    Eventually I will get a PCIe NVMe 512gb for Windows 10 and a 2TB for FS2020 that I will put in a PCIe adapter (since only have one socket).

    I expect that to be blazingly fast
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