Hey Eric,

A WORD OF CAUTION! I don't know if you currently have any P3D software currently or not. However the latest versions of P3D and P3D upgrades come with a very small number of "Default" airplanes. All the ads and revues talk about Beechcraft planes, Ch-46s, and several aircraft that were part of the original P3D package. If you buy the current P3D or even "upgrade" an earlier version, several of the "default" aircraft they talk about either aren't there anymore or if you upgrade an older version, will disapear. It seems Lockheed didn't get permission from manufacturers like Textron to show their planes as default. So they now must remove them from new installations or upgrades!

Not to worry though. They still have such important "vehicles" as a submarine, a bathscape, a male soldier without a weapon, and TBTG, an armed soldier among their default "vehicles!" Though I doubt you'll be able to log many submarine or soldier hours towards your GA licenses.