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Thread: NEW - Which add-ons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel.T View Post
    ORBX stuff really make FSX... alive, especially if you're a GA planes pilot.
    Using LC, Global, lib, all FTX regions, many freeware and payware add-on airports.
    (We become some kind of addic..!). Like Larry wrote, it's eye-candy.
    You can find a lot of freeware sceneries on their website. You could "see" what it looks like.
    Steve's DXfixer not only fix weirdos (like square halo from lights) that we get on DX10 but
    is also a great soft for fine-tuning reflexion, transparency shadow, and fix shadow in cockpit.
    THANKS !!!!! Same deal, I have it que'd ready for download.... Cant wait !

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    FSX-RWT : FSX Real World Training Missions Package

    If you are interested by Jeff Van West book, with the permission of Jeff and Wiley I just finished to
    Re-Package the additional material that you find on Wiley Web site. If enough peoples are interested I will try to submit it to the Library. Otherwise you can always contact me. The package is a freeware.

    Following is a quick summary of the missions that were created using the book flight exercises:

    - FSX Mission Category - Real World Training : Over 100 Flight Missions .

    Target Audience:
    - "FSX For Pilots - Real World Training" book's Readers.

    FSX Mission Briefing Center:
    - Bonus chapters; Charts; Color Art; Web Sites References.

    All the files have been grouped into a new FSX Mission Category: Real World Training.

    Under the FSX Mission panel, this new category provides the following access:
    * Over 100 Flights exercises from the book:
    - BEGINNER: covers Chapter 2 thru Chapter 9.
    - INTERMEDIATE: covers Chapter 10 thru Chapter 14.
    - ADVANCED: covers Chapter 15 thru Chapter 19.
    - EXPERT : covers Chapter 20 thru Chapter 26, plus the two Bonus Chapters.

    The Aircraft Kneeboard, presents appropriates charts from the book.

    From each of the individual FSX Mission Briefing Center you have access to:
    * Quick intro to the mission describing what the exercise or mission is?
    * Reference to the Kindle book location for each mission
    * Access to the corresponding Color Arts (Figures) from the book.
    * Access to the corresponding charts from the book.
    * Accces to the two Bonus Chapters and five Appendices
    * FSX-RWT Airports List.

    These FSX Real World Training Missions are not self-sufficient and required the reading of:
    "Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Pilots - Real World Training Book", from Wiley,
    to fully understand the What?, Why? and How? of the missions.


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