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Thread: 2002 install/re-install Must Haves.

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    If you're doing a retro install of FS2002, a re-install, or maybe you just missed some of them, here's a Must Have download to make the sim better. A really nice package of touchdown tire marks plus some sound files for both interior and exterior views. This is a "one size fits all" add-on with simple instructions to get it working. Tire marks are light (and more realistic, IMO) compared to the default "NHRA Burnout" marks in the stock version. The touchdown "chirp" in the external views is also pretty cool.

    I'll post more FS2002 Must Haves later if there's interest. Feel free to add your own finds to the list (this isn't really about individual aircraft, more about global add ons that enhance the game).

    Something else I'm working on and hopefully there will be others who want to add to it:

    Weather files for FS2002. If you've saved flights where you downloaded GLOBAL WEATHER from the MS/Jeppesen server (IE: MS RealWeather) there's an easy trick to using this weather in other saved flights (think summer, winter, spring, fall). You can also use this "base weather" to make an updated weather file for your departure and destination airports.

    I'll zip up and upload the weather files I have saved with instructions on how to use them. If you have some old saved flights kicking around, check to see if you saved them with a GLOBAL WEATHER update. One tip off is to find your saved flight (usually located in FS2002's main folder, then open Flights, then Myflts). Find your saved flights. Each saved flight is made up of two parts- the FLT file and the WX file. If the .WX file is somewhere around 2,900 KB in size, its a GLOBAL WEATHER file with the full database included.
    You can also check the month you saved the flight by looking at the .WX file or load the flight in FS and select TIME AND SEASON to check the date the flight was saved.
    If there's enough of us, we can set up year-round global weather with even a weekly update. Plus, I'll show you how to add no-fooling real, right NOW weather to your saved .WX files that isn't too much of a headache.

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    I think what you are doing is a great idea Bob!
    Mark Daniels

  3. Cool

    It might be a good idea but it sure seems to be lonely.

    I'll finish the write-up and upload the files I have. I don't know if they'll work in FS2004 or FSX, weather files changed a bit with FS2004.

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    Just a quick update, I uploaded all of my (global) weather WX files tonight.
    I requested that the zip file should be placed in the FS2002 Misc. section.
    Zip file should be named

    I have no idea if these files can be used in FS 2004 or FSX.
    They might work, they might not.

    The files are named in a MM-DD format for different months and days of the year. Pick one that's closest to the day you want to fly.
    These weather files MUST replace the weather in a SAVED FLIGHT. Worst case, you can start FS and just save a new flight. Find a weather file that's close to the date of your saved flight and RENAME the .WX file with the SAME NAME OF YOUR SAVED FLIGHT. Drop the renamed .WX file into your FLIGHTS>MYFLTS folder and start FS.

    If you have saved flights and you used the old "real weather" GLOBAL weather update, PLEASE consider sharing them with the rest of the community.

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    I have some saved weather files for this program, Get Weather:

    I just tested it in FS2002 and FS2000 and it works perfectly. There is a thread in the FS2000 forum that suggests it does not work but I can confirm it certainly does.
    Get Weather uses same as FS for it's source, Jeppesen. I downloaded some weather files over a 12 month span but I think likely for 6 of those months Jeppesen wasn't updating so those files will all have the same weather. The other 6 months should be fine.
    I'll try and sort through the weather files at some stage and find the working files with varying weather conditions.

    If anyone else has weather files for this program please post in this thread.
    Mark Daniels

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