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Thread: What happened to FTG?

  1. Default What happened to FTG?

    I have been out of the sim world for about a year now, and I tried to look up my previous VA with FTG. Anyone know where Flying Tigers Group went, or what happened?

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    Someone else will have to tell you what happened, even after visiting the Twitter and Facebook pages, I don't have a clue. The Flying Tigers Group Twitter is an interesting airline news feed, and the Facebook is a chronological mess. It reminds me that there's someone else who could pay more attention to their twitter feed, as it has been long neglected.
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    Believe it was closed down and I remember them saying because flying numbers were horrifically bad. Kinda ironic because even thought it wasn't really innovative, the acars basically bare minimum it is basically what projectfly is today with how you can basically fly for any airline. Seems all FTG had to do is create a pretty ACARS map and allow general avation flights to get hundreds of pilots to fly

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    Thanks for the info. Its too bad I had a lot of hours with them.

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    Hello There is restructuring or new group started under the same name by former managers, I am in the same boat as you been with the group since before this decade and there has been much mess wih them server issues etc etc. Hopefully the new thing will be bettter?

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