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    Hello,Everyone!I am exploring an interesting question.Can we control all the aircraft in the formation when we fly the FSX flying formation? In other words, the AI's ​​flight control for the AIcontrolled aircraft in the formation exactly the same as my flight control for my own aircraft in the formation.I want to know is this idea possible?Any reply is greatly appreciated!Thanks a lot!

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    No idea what formation you are talking about. Also don't understand what you are trying to achieve.

    Ai, as in .bgl traffic files are simply moving scenery. It is not 'being controlled'.

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    Hello,il88pp!I am sorry for my terrible English. I mean when we are flying formations, under normal circumstances, I can only control our own aircraft in the formation, but the other aircraft in the formation are not controlled by us. Is there any way for us to control all the aircraft in the formation?Looking for your reply!Thanks!

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    I think you're saying that you are flying formation with an AI aircraft. If that's the case, then no, you cannot control that aircraft because it is preprogrammed to just fly its programmed route.

    You say, "when we are flying formations" which implies there is more than just you flying, so are you in multiplayer mode flying with someone else, in addition to the AI? And you say, "I can only control our own aircraft in the formation" implying there are more people than just you. "Our own," if it's just you, should be "my own."

    But let me be the first to acknowledge that you do much better in our language than I do in yours. Welcome.

    Larry N.

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    Are you talking about the addon AiTrackerX perhaps?
    (described a bit here:

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    Normally, I would have said, No, also. Then I remembered that I had taken control of a 'regular' AI using the functionality of the SDK's Traffic Toolbox. That allows you to take control away from a traffic file but I suspect that the Fomation AI isn't following a plan, it's probably simply locked to your position with only an offset or two to keep from hitting you so not an "AI" but more like an extension of your own craft.

    Short answer, probably still No - but if it shows up as AI in the SDK traffic toolbox then give it a try.

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    Hi rocaf2003,

    I don't know of any feature within the FSX installation that would allow natural formation of AI aircraft. Addon Utilities would most likely need to follow a preset route /plan or schedule as all other AI, some process must keep the Aircraft within the formation.

    There is a FSX formation utility (Freeware) called > "Formation Flight Toys for FSX"
    With this utility you select a circuit / route for a small squad of 4 preselected AI aircraft, you can then fly along with them, when enabled AI aircraft start out at the piano keys on the active runway where your user aircraft is waiting, the user selects the takeoff departure airfield.

    Via the Formation config panel simconnect to FSX & then via FSX banner tools drop menu.
    The aircraft can be set in a formation shape > Diamond, Box or Line.
    You can choose Flight Pattern > Race Track or Straight Line.
    You can choose a set Airspeed between > 75kts - 500kts
    You can choose a set Distance between turns on a circuit between > 1nm - 16nm
    You can choose a set Altitude between >500ft - 5000ft

    Once set and connected these variables can't be changed on-the-fly, you would need to disconnect, alter the config selections, then reconnect ready for takeoff once more.
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    Hello,llivaudais!Thanks for your reply!I will try it.

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    Again, don't understand what you mean. Who are these 'we' you speak of? Do you mean you are flying online with other people? (if that is so, those other people fly those planes.)
    Or are you using AiTrackerX? (Where all formation planes around you move just like yours I think.)
    Or do you mean regular ai .bgl files installed on your system? (which are normally not formations).

    Also, I still have no idea what you want to achieve. 'control them' you say. How? To what end? Make then fly somewhere? Shoot then down? Explain.

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    Getting AI aircraft to fly in formation with you and follow your movements is possible in an FSX mission. I have done this several times including a mission I uploaded here at Search for FSX SR-71 Coast-to-Coast Mission. You have to use Paul Varn's excellent SR-71 model in order to fly the mission. Near the end two F-18s join you and fly escort with you to Dulles International. They follow you to the airport until just before landing.

    Jim Keir created Mission Editor for FSX that I use for making missions like this. He also created a Simconnect client called SimVar.exe that has a powerful command called WPT (waypoint). The command allows you to have AI aircraft intercept you, then follow your aircraft at a preset distance and altitude or "station" relative to your aircraft. When you turn or change altitude, they follow.

    I have a mission on another website where you fly the Lear 45 around Edwards AFB and are escorted by 2 F-15s, 2 F-18s, 2 F-22s, 2 F-35s, and an SR-71 over the Mojave Desert.

    Unfortunately, SimVar does not work in freeflight mode.

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