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    Hi Guys,

    Im having issues with P3d and its driving me mad. I get random black textures and random textures appearing, also textures sometimes appear to change, can anyone help?

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    Im using ORBX, ive reinstalled the libaries, I've deleted and regenerated new TERRAIN and P3D CFG files, recleared my shaders, turned off frozen water in FTX and "migrated" the scenery in FTX,I'm getting lost for ideas?

    If anyone can fix this I will love you forever


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    In some cases, those black squares will go away if you reduce your display settings. If you're running unlimited frame rate, for example, or other parameters too high. But I've seen a few occasions when the black remained, regardless, or sometimes just until I got closer or at a different angle. I presume you're running the latest edition of ORBXlibs.

    Otherwise, I don't know.

    Larry N.

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    Is ORBX installed on a hard drive rather than an SSD?

    Then you need to defrag the hard drive, preferably in an option that permits prioritizing the install for best results with huge numbers of small files.

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    I also had some weird texture-stuff going on in P3D v4.4 which I struggled with for weeks. I ended up uninstalling ORBX Vector and then everything was back to normal.

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    I had the same problem too. I found on another forum to delete the shader cache folder and let it rebuild on next startup. Just move the original folder to desktop if you need to reinstall it. My textures were back to normal after I did this. I run P3DV2 and FSX Steam.

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