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Thread: Huge building blocking KSEA airport

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downwind66 View Post
    Talk about a short field takeoff over an obstacle! Landing is a "piece of cake!" (unless that building is planted in the middle of the property, hard to tell if the building is beyond the end of the runway?) Either way, it is a problem to be dealt with!

    That building does look about halfway down the runway. And Port Angeles is not in the vicinity of Seattle - it's 61 NM away.

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    Thanks for the geography lesson:

    But I also had problems in the City of Seattle proper and beyond. mainly floating buildings all over. And it extended way out to Port Angeles which was unrecognizable and covered with grass...

    Like I said, fixed it by re-installing the original the FSX Scenery folder...

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    Download SimpleAirportScanner from scruffy duck and do a search for KSEA. If there are duplicates, start disabling the one with the lower layer number see if that helps.

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    This is not because of a duplicate airport. If it were a duplicate airport install, the buildings from both airports would be scattered through each other. But they would all be nicely touching the ground, not floating. They would also not be huge.

    This object is from some different addon AIRPORT in a different area of the world. Disable your addon airports one by one to find out which one includes that object. THen either properly remove the whole airport. Or just the object library that has the object in it.

    Do not overwrite or delete your main scenery folders. In there payware NON-airport scenery addons are installed, and overwriting would cause problems. (such as orbx, scenerytech, and your updated cloud textures.)

    Also traffic from woai for example will be in there, and you don't want to lose that.

    However, some addon AIRPORTS make you install one or two new files in the main scenery folder. (new filenames, so overwriting with a default file won't work.)
    one such file could cause this too. So, do not only de-activate your addon airports one by one. Also, for each addon airport look up the .zip file, and read the install instructions in the readme.txt file to check if the instructions say something about placing a file in the main scenery folder or main texture folder. If so, find those files and temporarily uninstall them (by copying such a file to a folder on the desktop while fsx is shut down.
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    That is not the default KSEA airport scenery in the screen shots. The building(wall) looks like the barriers placed in trial payware airport sceneries which can be removed by paying for the scenery.
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