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Thread: Ai flight plans

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    well my stupidity really,, wasnt compiling properly and wasnt at first getting the 3 text files OR compiling them to fsx..
    *which i thought I was doing*
    Forgive me,,,,, Im old..
    now all I want to try is to place a C141 at YSRI
    What can i say.... Im a RAAF fanatic

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    Hi tim. I see you got it already.

    But I just remembered an older thread where I explained the steps with images. I thought it may help or add something.
    Here's the link:

    it's an older thread. So the version of Aifp that I used there was also a bit older.
    The latest Aifp version works pretty much the same.
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    Hey there ILL88..
    thanks so much for that,, but im betting when i got it running is what sheer luck,, haha
    Ill have a look at that link you put in,,
    Cheers mate and to all.

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