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Thread: Ai flight plans

  1. Angry Ai flight plans

    Hi guys,, Im stuck, Ive used AIFP and have 3 text files and 1 BGL file..
    how and what and where do i place all these to get my flight plan to work

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    Let's have the names of these 4 files, and where you have them now.


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    Hi, normally you only have to put the bgl-file in ...\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery -the AIFP doesn't it for you?-
    If this doesn't work there are mistakes at the bgl-file or the airport or the aircraft.
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    That's exactly right, Flattermann.

    While we're at it, you should also be sure that you use the latest version of AIFP, available here:

    On that page, go to "Latest General Release" in the panel on the left side.


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    The three text files are what the bgl compiler uses to create the bgl file - that is your actual final product to be used by the sim.

    The txt files, if you look in them, are created by the panels you interfaced with using AIFP. They can be anywhere, but AIFP has to be pointd to them in order to edit them.

    The location of a bgl file can also be directed in AIFP - look at the path in the COMPILE window in AIFP. It should go where discussed - \\scenery folder.

    AIFP has directory "Browse" buttons to direct or find file locations. Pay attention to them.

    This is a great progam. Practice with it making simple bgls with one small flight that you can just delete. It's worth the effort.
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    Don't forget (assuming you knew) that Traffic bgl files are essentially SCENERY files and work as long as they are in ANY active scenery folder (such as the default scenery\world\scenery folder). This means that you can use the same management techniques that are used on location scenery files.

    My traffic files are grouped into folders \GA, \military, \custom,\test and turned on/off at will in the scenery library. This is especially useful if you do much traffic creating or modifying - the work-in-progress is kept in "test" until tested and finished and only then moved to a more permanent location. You don't have to keep turning scenery\world\scenery on and off or physically moving the file being worked on. And/or you can easily disable all OTHER traffic while you focus on just a single 'new' traffic file.

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    Also with AIFP if you don't have the target folder set to an active, then the flight Plan won't be read.
    I was playing about with it not long ago and had the target folder set to a folder within AIFP and not to a the folder in the sim.
    It was my mistake but at first I wondered why the flight plan wasn't working.


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    And in addition to all the above, you also need to download and install the correct aircraft.
    I wish you the best of luck...


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    woohooo.. got it,, thakks ever so much guys,, much appreciated

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    So what was it that was causing the problem?

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