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Thread: Windows taskbar not locking

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    Default Windows taskbar not locking

    I have a multi screen setup and Windows 10.

    I have a problem with the windows takbar not staying in the position at the bottom of one of my screens. Even when i lock it there the next time i startup my pc the taskbar is at the top of the same screen but still shows as locked.

    I have seen other forum post (not here) with people who are having the same problem but I can't find a solution.

    Any ideas?

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    Instinctively I would first try setting it in safe mode. (by pressing F8 on boot bios beep to access safe mode.)

    here is a thread with some other options and possible causes.

    (One of the many threads found by searching - Google : Windows taskbar does not stay locked )

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    Thanks it solved the issue for me. I was facing this issue for a long time and I thought this is some kind of update and I wasn't even looking to fix it but now it is resolved. That link is really useful.

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