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    Is there a way to eliminate the prefix "Experimental" to an airplane;s atc id?

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    What aircraft? Usually under [General] in the aircraft.cfg you would get the type of aircraft like this:

    performance=Length:27.4'\nSpan:36.3'\nWeight:2030 empty\nPower: Jacobs 300 radial engine\nRange: 610NM @max cruise\nDate:Aug 2003\
    nDetails: 18,300ceiling, max speed 156kts, cruise 139kts \nDesigner: Lizardo

    You have to make sure you have the correct identity in for your particular aircraft.
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    Most homebuilt (or amateur built) aircraft, as well as many restored warbirds are required to use "experimental" as the type, in lieu of something such as Cessna, Piper, or Boeing. But the atc_type field mrzippy shows above is the place where that is controlled. As mrzippy asked, what type aircraft are you dealing with here?

    In the real world you wouldn't say "Van's RV-8," any more than you would say 172. You'd instead say "Experimental," just as you'd say "Cessna."

    All that being said, whatever you decide to put into that field for the specific aircraft is what it will say, up to a point, that point being whether the type is in the database of types that FS/P3D knows about internally. So have fun experimenting ( sorry )

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    This thread has a complete list of recognized airline codes and aircraft types:
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    As my mate Tiger says but there is another entry you could try if you are following an AI aircraft.
    The ATC when asking the AI if they have you in sight won't say Experimental.

    Works in Traffic View Board and Super Traffic View Board:


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