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Thread: For Sale - GoFlight GF-MCP and GF-166

  1. Default For Sale - GoFlight GF-MCP and GF-166

    Have two GoFlight units for sale. GF-MCP Advanced Autopilot and GF-166A VRP (Versatile Radio Panel).

    Prefer sale within United States. Can provide pictures.

    GF-MCP $85.00

    GF-166 $60.00

    If interested send me a Private Message through

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    PM and email sent

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    Genbrad. Received your PM but not your email. I sent you another PM.

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    GF-MCP is sold.

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    Do you still have the GF-166 ? if its a grey one I am interested, would you mind shipping to the UK ?



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    Adrian. No, it's the original black face model.

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    Actually I meant to write that Yes, the GF-166 is still for sale, but it's the black face model.

    Price is now $45.00. Includes shipping within U.S.

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    GoFlight GF-166 sold.

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