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Thread: Flight Sim Nation Announces Development Team and Air Tractor Series For FSX

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    Default Flight Sim Nation Announces Development Team and Air Tractor Series For FSX

    Flight Sim Nation has announced they have put together a small development team creating aircraft for FSX. They plan to cover the entire Air Tractor series starting with the AT802F "Fire Boss" Amphib and the "Air Tanker" wheeled models. The plane is compatible with FSX SP2/ACC and will feature three paints with re-paint kit included. Each model will have it's own exciting missions complete with achievements. Post release missions will be available in between aircraft releases. For more info and features visit and select the Development Group Link.

    This Plane will have you busy at the controls in your cockpit..Keep an eye on our website for a release date.

    David Reynolds
    [email protected]

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    This past week has seen a big milestone push and we're happy to report the team has been making fantastic progress. This past week the AT802 received it's three paint jobs for the wheeled and amphibian models and it's looking fantastic. We're planning on releasing pics of the other paint schemes soon exclusively on Ten Minute Taxi ( within the next two weeks and soon teaser videos will be online so you'll get a chance to see this bad boy in action. The audio which is being supplied by Sonic Solutions ( has received it's first pass and will be polished to perfection within a few days.

    We have hired a public relations/marketing guy. Dave Reynolds will be pimping the Air Tractor to all the sim sites and keeping in touch with future fans answering questions and keeping the community up to date on our progress. Dave comes to us from the Flight Simulator Network ( where he's set up a group there. He's also set up a Flight Sim Nation Development Group facebook page. Simply search Flight Sim Nation on facebook and join the group.

    This week we're releasing two hi res wallpapers featuring the Air Tractor AT802F Fireboss. You can download those from and select the Development Group link.

    We're happy to announce that our Air Tractor project has been making the rounds with the AG and firefighting communities. We've been contacted by several real life AT802F Fire Boss pilots who have joined the team as beta testers. They will be helping us make sure we have our audio, flight dynamics and systems all in check and are providing us valuable inside info and tips on the Air Tractor. Check out Flight Sim this coming weekend (October 15th) to see our first pilot profile.

    For more information on the Air Tractor project for FSX visit and select the development group link.

  3. Thumbs up The Best Multiplayer Aircraft Carrier in the World

    I don't know what happened, but this team has the potential to make the best multiplayer aircraft carrier in flight simulator history. The reason for that is not only because the base FSN ship looks excellent, which it does. The reason is that the individual functions, such as weighing anchor, deploying the deflector shields for take off, and elevator, are all controlled by the captain in multiplayer. Everybody else and their brother and sister is already involved with aircraft involvement. What should be done is what you do what NOBODY else besides Javier has been doing, which is working with this one-of-kind aircraft carrier. Perhaps add another one-of-a-kind feature such as multiplayer usable tugboats pushing against the bow to turn it in order to steam out of a bay, if that's possible. Also maybe add some steam effects to the catapults. Again, the user controlled features on this are are still one-of-a-kind.

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