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Thread: Head Latency in FS9

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    Hi everyone. I've been looking around for a utility to add head latency into FS9 (like what you'd see in IL-2 or X-Plane, for instance.) The most promising one I've seen is, unfortunately, Active Camera. It doesn't appear possible to get the full version of that anymore, and I'd like to not be confined to the Seattle area all the time. Does anyone know of anywhere I could either get a full version of it from or find something else to add head latency in?

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    Maybe I must dig up my Active Camera & try it in Windows 10.

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    I still have the installer but lost my key a long time ago ... I'm making do with FS Copilot. Are thee any other options?

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    I hadn't known about FS Copilot before, so I'm checking it out. Do you know if it's possible to isolate the head latency effect? I don't really want most of the rest of the functions.

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    I think FS Copilot is highly configurable, I only really use the latency and the multicore thread management functions.

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    I've managed to get it up and running. You're right, it's very configurable- quite easy to disable anything I don't want, and the HeadEffects module in it is exactly what I was looking for. If you just want head latency in FS9 without the other camera functions of Active Camera, FS Copilot appears to be the way to go. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

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