Hello all.

I purchased the Carenado DA62 with G1000 and Synthetic Vision. For the most part, it works great. Just a couple issues with the G1000. First, I'm trying to add multiple way-points. I'm following both the G1000 book that comes with the DA62 and watching others on YouTube. The problem is, once I get 3 way-points entered, the next way-point I add automatically replaces the last way-point I had placed. I can never add more than 3 way points. Has anyone else had this problem?

Next, I watched someone on YouTube with the Carenado 182 with the G1000 and he was able to highlight the airport ID field and then simply type the letters in using their keyboard. They even instructed you to enter them that way. I can't do that. I've tried over and over but it won't add them. I have to open the keyboard in the VC cockpit and click the letters shown (not that hard to do). Just wondering if anyone else was able to use their keyboard to enter the airport ID into the airport ID field in the G1000.


Thank in advance