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    Just wondering... Decided to add Australia and Oceania from FreeMesh to FSX while using ORBX base and Libraries. I set up Flight Planner, then hit "Find Route". Fsx freezes.... Game over. I have tried different placement in the Scenery Library tree to no avail. So tried Holgermesh for OZ from ORBX... it all works like a breeze. Any Guns out there who can relate or advise. I'm thinking my preference is for FreeMesh. But happy to work with Holgermesh. Curious.

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    I've never had any issues with it... my first thought is to consider the possibility of corrupted file(s). Since there are numerous files in the set, you could test half the australia files as a set and see if there is a problem in one half or the other - Or just download the Australia set again and test it. I have always heard that Priority doesn't matter with mesh, that the sim will use the highest res available for each area. Just in case that is not true, I've always put addon mesh just above the numbered built-in scenery regions (0000, 0001, 0002 etc that contain the default mesh).

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    Thanks Loyd. Think I will do another download. I never considered a corrupt file. Thanks for the advice.

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