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Thread: DIY Avionics Panel with Arduino

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    Default DIY Avionics Panel with Arduino


    in the past I was involved in the development of hard- and software for ITRA. Some of the products were the NAVSTACK and the TFT-Panel. Since the dissolution of the company, I have only been involved in flight simulation on the side.

    When I started to deal with the Arduino system, I had the idea to build a small frequency panel. Because of the driver signing requirements, I decided against USB to make it a network device. Controller, LCD panel and network adapter are inexpensive to get on the Internet. In addition 3 buttons and a rotary encoder, these are the main components for the panel. Everything comes together on a printed circuit board.

    Regarding the interface to the flight simulators, I was able to build on the experience I gained with the ITRA devices. For X-Plane these are plugins, for FSX/P3D the SimConnect client. The panel is the operating frontend for them. The panel sends the input to the client software, where it is converted into commands. Display values are returned.

    The six panels (COM1/2, NAV1/2, ADF and XPNDR) are 5cm x 8cm and differ only in the Arduino firmware. Adjustments to the Arduino code may need to change to the address of the LCD panel because it was different in the supplied parts. It is one source with #defines for the function.

    I had already finished the panel for some time, but an English function description has only now been finished. The functions and also the hardware are described on my Wiki page.

    The hardware is not a finished product. If anyone is interested in building the panel, I provide the source code of the Arduino program and the plugins or SimConnect client. The COM1 client works without restrictions, the other run for about 10 minutes as a demo and must be unlocked with a personalized license code, which I provide for small price.

    A Multifunktion Panel is also possible.



    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have found also red/black LCD-Displays, so it will look some more realistic. The panel is made of acrylic with photo paper glued on. Studs are inserted into the panel to which the electronics are attached.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The panel are also working with MSFS2020.

    Regards Michael

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