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Thread: Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade

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    Default Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade

    Considering migrating from Win 7 to Win 10.

    Anyone know of any problems with either FS9 or FSX after doing the upgrade?

    Going to post this under the FS9 forum also.

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    There are a number of common problems that may be encountered but, for the vast majority of users who have taken this route, myself included (twice - one rig 7 to 10 and a second rig 8.1 to 10), have had no issues. When issues do occur they are usually easy to fix.

    It will depend on 'how' you migrate - either by upgrading the Win 7 install or installing Win 10 afresh.

    The main thing to consider is that upgrading 7 to 10 MAY overwrite or delete some essential 'libraries' that FS2004 and FSX rely on. A fresh install of 10 will come without the essential files by default.

    There are many threads on the subject so do a bit of digging. I have participated in a number of such threads so search for threads using my username should throw up a large number of related threads.

    One such thread that deals with the 'libraries' issue can be found HERE


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    Thank you. Should have mentioned that I planned to upgrade, although a fresh install is probably better long term. I have many other apps and didn't want the hassel of reinstalling them.
    I was also concerned about reinstalling FSX and Fs9 addons.

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    No issues at all, on either upgrading from Windows 7 & 8.1 to 10.
    However install into C:\ & not default directory, & you might have to run in compatibility mode & as administrator.

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    Tnx. I do have FSX and FS9 installed in C:\.
    Having Win7 on one machine, Win10 on another machine, I much prefer Win 7.
    Eventually we'll all be Win 10, just as we were forced to migrate off XP.

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