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Thread: How to play LAN multiplayer

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    I've been hammering away at firewall settings, port forwards, trying Wi-Fi vs direct Ethernet cable. I cannot for the LIFE of me, get FS2002 to connect. I've tried vanilla hosting, as well as using FSHost. I'm on Windows 10, with another Windows 10.

    All I want, is a 2 player LAN game, we are on the same Wi-Fi network. Give me the quickest and most basic setup, this is all I want.

    It's late, I'm tired, I'll read the responses tomorrow (unless I stay up), and thank you for any help.

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    While this sub forum gets some views, it doesn't get that many.

    I would try to help but I have 0 experience with LAN and MP in FS.

    Try posting your question in the FS2004 or FSX forum. The basics to getting connected should be very similar.

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