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Thread: Weird ai aircraft problems

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    Some of my AI aircraft behave strangely . Some dive for the airport fro heights like 25000 ft when ten miles away, some just endlessly circle an airport and others land then disappear, I am convinced it must be something ive done somewhere along the line, Any help appreciated

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    Landing and disappearing usually is a result of no taxiways or no appropriate parking for the aircraft type (there may be no parking at the airport, no parking for that type of plane, parking may be filled already, or the AI plane may not be ID'd properly so doesn't "see" any parking for itself).

    Endlessly circling means for some reason that aircraft cannot land at that airport. Though if it is a busy airport that AI plane may just be unlucky and never in the right place in the queue to land. In either case it will circle til its time or fuel runs out, then disappear.

    Many times problems are caused by using "player" aircraft for AI; the AI engine uses simplified physics and control and often cannot handle the more realistic aircraft. In such cases use the physics from a similar AI or default aircraft with the model and textures from your aircraft.

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    jgf is completely correct but I would also like to add that any AI plane circling the airport concerned and then flying off into the blue yonder, only to suddenly disappear, can also be caused by (too) high ground in it's approach route. Sometimes it therefore helps if the wind direction is changed at this airport so that the AIs approach from the other side. However, only if there is no high ground in the way there as well.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the advice

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    AI planes circling around can also be due to use of AI Smooth or AI Separation.
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    Just another thought, is the airport fairly small and the aircraft large, as jgf says it can't find a suitable parking, I've seen this before.
    There is a program called AI Aircraft Editor, you can very easily change the RADIUS of the aircraft to make it smaller. The actual model won't go smaller but the sim will think it is smaller and may allow it to land.
    I've used this a few times where the airport hasn't got big enough parking spots, I know you can use AFCAD to alter the parking bays but this tool will work without you going in to AFCAD.

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