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Thread: Thank you, Nels!

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    Default Thank you, Nels!

    in response to your comments in the "Tornado" post - some of us do direct attention to the library here at; frequently. I suspect that a bit of laziness is responsible for not providing a filename or link to the library - folks don't always keep the zips or even remember where some of their aircraft came from.

    About 99% of the 500+ aircraft in my hangar come from this site and I am extremely grateful for your efforts to provide and maintain such a wealth of content for us. This hobby has been a big part of my life and of many thousands of others also. The Tornado F3 is featured in, and mentioned in the description of my Machynlleth video over on Youtube.

    in gratitude,
    Loyd Livaudais
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    quiet, fast and cool running.
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    A ditto on that. When a "real pilot" friend pointed out this forum, I want to say in the nineties, I joined. I'm listed as a member since Mar 2005 but that was due to some sort of forum redo. The info I have gleaned from this site has been most valuable to this hobby we love so much. Yes, thanks Nels!

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