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Thread: Specifying AI landing direction

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    A Follow up, so far:

    I understand that this type of configuration for AI aircraft is not normal for FS2004. Trying to push the limits, I am amazed that FS2004 can do what it dose.

    First: it is the case (to my continued testing) that the wind direction is the main criteria that tells the AI which runway end to use for landing and takeoff, as originally posted by ColR1948. I thought I had tested it and it didn’t seem to make a difference. But I had missed a deeper setting; though I had set the wind direction in “Customized Weather” I did not go to the next “Advanced” settings. I did not have the “surface winds” altitude high enough for my 3,800 foot runway. So, the wind direction does sets AI landing and takeoff directions.

    This finding (if have not missed something else) sets an important limit to what I was trying to do; trying to get two AI aircraft to follow two different wind directions, one for takeoff the other for landing, on the same runway.

    Simple work around for now: This is a small country airfield, I will display the landings and takeoffs in separate saved flights; each with its own wind direction.

    All the suggestion that were made, I worked with and were very helpful for further understand AI behavior.

    I may later try Beroun ILS tutorial, thanks for sending, nice tut. I suspect this is the only full solution.

    Hjwalter - Thanks for remind me of the importance of restarting flights for a change to take effect. Also, to reboot FS9 often and to try a “create a flight” to get some things to take effect.

    Tgibsion_new - Though the moving and deleting “Start Location” point did not seem to affect the problem, I did learn a lot tinkering with it and seeing other cool things you can do with it, thanks.

    This is not the end.
    Thanks to all.

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    Hi Jay,
    there is another cheating solution. I did this for AI with Lukla Nepal airport VNLK where you can only land uphill towards the mountain and take off downhill from the mountain:

    In original VNLK airport (have odd-on) close uphill runway for takeoffs and landings. Then create a copy the same airport in ADE or AFCAD, name it differently (VNL1 in my case) and close the downhill runway for takeoffs and landings. Then use TTools to schedule arriving aircraft during the day to VNL1 (will arrive uphill). Also schedule departing aircraft from VNLK during the day (will depart downhill). The reason why I mentioned "during the day" is because it TTolls scheduling all aircraft will be returning to the same airport through the mountains, schedule these at night when you do not see them. Bit of a cheating but works OK.

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    Another tip for programming AI aircraft near mountains.
    If you set the flight plan as VFR, the ai aircraft will more than likely fly in to the mountains.
    If you set it to IFR then ATC will tell it to climb to hopefully clear them, this works even if for example you set the altitude low, ATC will still tell it to climb, after clearing then it will descend back down to what you set it to.


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