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    I am doing a personal expansion, of an airport in Wales. But it is part of a UK2000 scenery package. I have no intentions of republishing it, or doing anything public with it. I am looking to extend the airports runway, but there is a fence that I cannot seem to be able to move or delete. This spoils my plans, as although aircraft will ignore the fence, it doesn't help the realism of what I am trying to do. I have already tried sketchup and Model Converter X to no avail. Is there anything else, that people could suggest, on how I can move or delete this impeding fence?

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    You can try using an exclusion polygon in ADE. It will be messy though, with a fence.

    I hate it when devs bundle everything up in one bgl file.

    Good devs will have stuff like this separate, so you can disable the stuff you don't want.

    Fences are the scourge of scenery. They flicker like mad and should be banned.

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    I had the same problem with some little buildings that I wanted to get rid of. They were part of a bigger model so I couldn't exclude them. My solution was to change the texture file for the object I didn't want displayed. If you re-do the texture with a black Alpha Channel it becomes transparent. It's still there but invisible. You have to do the _LM texture as well or the object will show up at night.

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    Actually, in ADE you really don't need to use an exclusion. You should be able to click on the fence and hit the delete key.
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