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using cirrus sf50 and x plane 11 f35a flights from ksjc-kmry 1700ft , ksjc-ksmf 1400ft, ksjc-klax 2600ft both aircraft do vnav and ils landing picking up gs correctly. reverse flights coming into ksjc from the above listed airports with and entry of 4000ft setting in garmin 1000 these two aircraft stay at the 4000ft alt. and do not recognize gs, so if aircraft are too high what is solution. is it lower speeds, lower alt, or garmin 1000 is not operating correctly. using cessna skyhawk g1000 ap 4000ft setting it will recognize alts and pick up gs but it sort of fiddles around before doing so, not a clean 1,2,3. the 1700, 1400, 2600 and 4000ft are entered by g1000 ap release alt of vnav. zibomod 737 does not have this problem but it has different ap,fmc, anyone have similar experience or insight to this condition?
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