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Thread: thumbnails in ADE

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    Default thumbnails in ADE

    I started using RWY12_1 and Ez scenery in ADE, but I am not able to find the thumbnails for these objects.
    If the thumbnails are, where I can find these?

    Thank for your answer


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    There is a file with all ez scenery objects. It also has the thumbnails dot them.
    In the library. Filename is something like:

    (it may contain all Rw12 objects as well. Read the description and readme.txt file.)

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    Many thanks. I Will try to find it.

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    Sorry for the late reply,

    If you did not find it yet, the filename is

    As for more thumbnails, follow this link :

    The filename is

    It will take you to the Scruffys' site with detailed instructions for installation...


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