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Thread: I can't get my 747 off the ground on takeoff from Boeing Field, Seattle, WA. Need he

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    Default I can't get my 747 off the ground on takeoff from Boeing Field, Seattle, WA. Need he

    I have all of my desired numbers (speed, altitude, Vertical speed, plus I forget what any others are, but I think I have them set for takeoff) and my plane goes nose up at 100 kts, and tail hits ground at 120 kts, but does not leave the ground. the plane stalls at 120 kts, and crashes into structures at end of runway. I think my altimeter is set to 29.92 (Seattle), and flaps at zero. I have also had flaps at 40 without success. Also my engines gauges go into red at 120 kts. I am stumped. What am I doing wrong, if anything ? (I obviously must be doing something wrong, especially if other simmers do not have, or have found ways to compensate for, this problem)

    Also please enlighten me - what position is the autothrottle switch supposed to be at takeoff ? I have a choice of on or off.

    Thank you.

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    At 120kts you're at less than the 747's stall speed. Your autothrottle should be off and flaps 10. Manually move your throttles to full and rotate at 150-160kts.
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    Trim settings? Probably need to adjust that.

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    +1 on what Tim said above. If you are going to be flying these jetliners, or any aircraft for that matter, get into the habit of using checklists! They will definitely help keep you out of trouble! Here is a site that I use for many of the jetliners in have in my inventory!
    The checklist for the Boeing 747-400 says rotate airspeed of 175 KIAS which is a little higher than what Tim mentioned. 160 KIAS is a good airspeed, but the 175 gives you a little more "wiggle room!"

    See attached pic of a B747-400. Please excuse my wide paint brush! In addition to what Tim says, I also like to roll back the trim wheel to "9" which will also help you get that bird in the air! Just takes a lot of practice to get it right. But, DON'T FORGET YOUR CHECKLISTS!

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    Are we talking default 747? Do you have any info programmed into the A/P or A/T? The switches can be on (But not a good idea) if you don't push the engage buttons. Flaps at least 5 degrees or 10 and N1 around 92-95% for take off at 140-145 knots. You may need some elevator trim (as mentioned).

    Are you starting out from a "saved" flight or using your default flight to start things off? The reason I ask this is because if you have been screwing around with engine, prop, or mixture settings from other aircraft in your default flight, these will, in turn , affect jet engines on your next flight.

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    You should be able to takeoff with a full fuel load, but don't forget that it's around 383,000 lbs. Try doing one traffic pattern and landing with that.

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    I will try to respond to each reply. That way I keep my thinking straight and don't get more confused. I cannot get PFD speed gauge reading of over 125 kts. My F4 key on my keyboard is my throttles. I hold it down and hope it works. My engine gauges go red at 75 kt.

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    For some reason I can't get up past 075 kts before my engine gauges go red. After that I can only get up to 125 kts.

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    Default 747 on a newly or freshly installed FS X

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    As for checklists, believe me, I am very aware how important they are. But I am still very new to FSX and just barely started 747.

    Did I make it clear that I cannot get my PFD airspeed indicator to go above 125 kts ? And that is AFTER my engine gauges go red at 75 kts.

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