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Thread: addon aircraft missing upon PC restart Flightsim (x86) Steam

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    Default addon aircraft missing upon PC restart Flightsim (x86) Steam

    What is there a restore available to bring back all missing A/C addons

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    Steam can "restore" only the original files downloaded from there. My recommendation is to always make a copy of any add-on aircraft or scenery as that may not be restorable. If you purchased those add-ons from Steam then they most likely would be downloadable again and could be reinstalled. Simpler if you save those add-ons yourself.

    I don't have any Steam add-ons, so it's up to me to maintain/protect my efforts. So I always unpack and setup my extra aircraft to a dummy folder first. I test the new aircraft and if I decide to keep it, I make a copy in a "storage Hangar" folder. If I ever need that backup copy it's instantly available - such as reloading FSX on my backup 'puter the other week. Just plugged my USB drive in and added all my aircraft and scenery to the new install. Time to fly!

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