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    Default Back to FS9!

    Ok, I've tried several of them; FSX-SE, XP-11, P3d...I really tried to get into them, but I just got tired of elevation problems, scenery library conflicts, Orbx expense and so on...So, I am going back to FS9...Been a while, so if anyone has any suggestions for newer add ons and so forth, please let me know...I am looking forward to my return!

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    welcome home!!!! And there's no place like home. See my other post in this forum re: the other sims. Nothing is as good as FS9. I can't recommend any really NEW add-ons, but I did just add Fly Tampa - Tampa. Best add-on airport I have. And I have many.

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    Hi I also have FSX SE XP11 and Microsoft Flight in my cockpit, but here I am still with FS9 and feel very very comfortable with it on my TNW PC I have Global 10 Mesh and my TNW2019 installed, and apart from airports and planes it does not leave me wanting anything more I do have it on another PC with the full work. I would certainly recommend TNW2019 and Global 10 it really sets most of the rocky cliffs to rocks instead of streaks.
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    Can anyone supply the link to download Global 10? Can't seem to find it! Thanks...

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