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    Default Menu Bar Problem

    Been having this issue for about 2-3 months now...

    After 2 landings (in any aircraft, at any airport, at any time of year) the top Menu Bar (where you can choose aircraft, airport, simulation speed, etc..) disappears. It seems to happen while landing at the 2nd airport in the flight -or- immediately after taxiing on what would be the 3rd departure in the flight. The sim will continue to work until I click on the MAP (not GPS) in which case it will cause the sim to crash. When I look at the error reports, I see FSUI.dll and ATC.dll are typically the modules that fail. I have re-stored them and even installed new copies right from the CD-ROM, but the issue continues. I have learned to live with it, just was wondering what is happening while landing for the 2nd leg of any flight that would cause this.

    I have looked at this error online but nothing seems to fix it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    If you updated to FS9.1 and then replaced modules from the CD, you'll have installed FS9 modules into FS9.1 and they'll be incompatible. If you haven't updated to FS9.1 yet, now's the time to do so.
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    Done, still happens though

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    A dll issue could also be from a corrupt registry; could be as simple as registering the dll again.
    These articles may help:

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    Couple of things to try, if you are using ATC, make sure you get clearance for takeoff before you actually do and see if it still crashes.
    Try the flights with AI turned off and see what happens.
    Mark Daniels

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    My fault-finding page may be of use, there are references to atc.dll problems there. I haven't come across fsui.dll issues ever before, that sounds pretty fundamental - I assume fsui stands for Flight Simulator User Interface.

    I doubt that the dlls themselves are at fault, the failure report usually indiates that they have been unable to fulfill their work through a problem with some other file they are dealing with.



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    Thank you, I will try all these and hopefully something will work out!

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    no luck, still disappears wile on approach for the second flight of the game. strange..

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