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Thread: Black squares in scenery.

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    Default Black squares in scenery.

    I get this in some scenery areas and I don't know why. This particular scene is just off CalClassic wonderful "Roanoke Regl/Woodrum Airfield 1956", but by no means just CalClassic scenery has this issue.
    The squares do disappear when getting real close to the black area. Anyone else have this
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    Looks to me like the texture files are wrongly formatted or corrupted, same thing, go to your main Flight Simulator 9 folder then brows to \Scenery\World\texture folder. and viewing in detail view have a look down the size of the BMP from 000b2lm1 to 69b2wi7 they should all be 43kb ignore the .ang files, the wa BMP's which are all 171kb and the BMP's ---b2m-- at 87kg. once you have the files identified they will need to be formatted to DXT1 with Mip level 7 Done sounds a lot harder than it is, if you could post the same screeny showing the Lat/Long I could possibly identify the offending BMPs for you and format them if you email them

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    Usually this occurs when you have terrain texture files that are not mipmapped. Scenery textures must be mipmapped to avoid this.
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    Thanks for the help guys, I do appreciate it! I checked the size of all 069b2m 11 - 17 and they are 86.3 KBs. I'm sorry to say I don't know how to check if they are mipmapped or not as I am not real sure what a mipmap is. The coordinates are:
    N37* 19.29' W80* 3.40'.
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    Hi Again Microsoft's Image tool will do the job I have uploaded it to my Dropbox link below, Just unzip and place the stand alone tool on your desktop or where ever first make a backup of the files you intend to alter then drag and drop them onto the Image Tool. on the right it list its properties, click Image on the top bar to format: DXT1, Bitmaps, No Alpha is what to go for. Let me know if you require further assistance.

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    Thanks Biggles, I have it now. Here's hoping.


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    Hi Biggles. Check your PM

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    Sorry been dyslexic I tend not to check thing which I should where do I find PM

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    At the very top of the forum screen click the word Notifications.
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