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Thread: Recommendations for a twin engined aircraft to fly round the world

  1. Default Recommendations for a twin engined aircraft to fly round the world

    I like to fly around the world every year by starting at my home airfield and following the coast line ( with a few long over water flights) until I get back home again.
    I have been using Milton Shupe's superb Howard 500 but its getting a bit same ol and I'd like to try something different.
    I have been looking at Just Flight Piper Senneca and the Beech King Air C90 but I would very much like to know what you guys think.

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    I've been flying around in the Alabeo Cessna 441. Very nice plane, and can go very long distances. I flew one time from SW Alaska to NW Washington state, which took about 10 hours. She has a range of around 2500nm, and has a ceiling of 35000 ft.

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    If it were me, I'd go with the latest DC-3 from Manfred Jahn.
    Heck of a plane, and flies really nicely.

    It's available in the library. I think I've seen a thread on adding a ferry tank in it instead of cargo, but I can't find it now...

    Have fun!

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    Why a twin? Engines get in the way of the view, unless it's a high-wing twin. In FSX there's no danger of engine failure and unless you're up to speed on engine out procedures you're likely to crash anyway!

    I would use a single turboprop like a Pilatus PC 12 or TBM 850. For a twin if you must there's always the range of Very Light Jets - Mustang or Phenom, and if you intend to land on grass, the Pilatus PC-24.

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    Thank you for your advice guys
    I ended up with a Carendo King Air C90GTX cause it looked very nice and
    has lots of buttons to play with

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