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Thread: Good long haul aircraft for FSX

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    Default Good long haul aircraft for FSX

    I have the PMDG 777 so no need to mention that. Any help is appreciated. I am mainly looking for Airbus jets. Thanks

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    Im a fan of freeware, I have the ifdg md-11 klm 95th anv. also project airbus 388 is a fun plane to fly.
    Enjoy, AD
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    WRT to Airbus jets....

    There are plenty of freeware stuff in the library - a author called Thomas Ruth has a whole range of Airbus family models - doing basic a search using the phrase Thomas Ruth will throw up over 600 entries which includes base models, repaints, replacement panels etc, so do a advanced search to narrow it down....

    Payware wise, there are a number of options depending on your preference, based on things like quality, cockpit functionality and complexity of user involvement (I.e. complex vs simplified procedures) etc.

    Look at Aerosoft for smaller models (A318/319/320/321) or Just Flights versions - IMO the Aerosoft versions are the best for both quality and functionality but are more complex - the JF versions (which are much cheaper) are not as good visually but still usable. They are part of what JF calls it's F-Lite Range - models designed to look good visually but not overly complex when it comes to procedures being somewhere between the default FSX models and more complex models like the Aerosoft offerings. That said, most of the F-Lite range can be used using more complex procedures if one wishes.

    For a B777 class aircraft, JF's Airbus Collection: Longhaul package - this provides the A330-200/A330-300/A340-200/A340-300 models, has an additional addon that provides for the A330F and MRTT versions. They also have a separate standalone A340-500/A340-600 package. Again these are part of the F-Lite range

    They also have another title called Airbus Collection - this has models of earlier Airbus types like the A300, A310 and the unique A300-600ST Beluga.


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