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Thread: RC4 now freeware

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    Default RC4 now freeware

    Hi, has anyone managed to get the now freeware RC4 working with FS2004?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sascha66 View Post
    Hi, has anyone managed to get the now freeware RC4 working with FS2004?
    Works! Make sure you choose the FS2004 option during install from the drop down menu. I just chose the full option to install everything. Not sure exactly what that option was called.
    Never had an ATC add-on so this will be something fun to play with!
    Mark Daniels

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    Where is the download?
    And when you say RC4, is it version 4.0? Not 4.3.

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    I got RC 4.3. The links are in a news announcement here (6th Jan I think), sorry I only have my mobile phone with me, can't copy paste the links here.

    I also installed the full FS2004 version but I'm not sure how to generate a key. The key I generated crashed RC when I entered it.

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    If you launch RC4 it will come up with an unregistered screen giving you options to register it.
    You will see on this screen it gives you a product ID number. Copy this number into the top section of the key generator. Hit the encrypt 4 button and in the bottom window you will now get a key. Copy and paste this key from the key generator into the bottom window of the RC4 unregistered screen window. Click the button that says to click it after you have pasted the key and it should work.

    At first I didn't put in a dash (-) that was in front of my product ID numbers and it failed. Once I put in the dash it then worked. Maybe you made the same mistake?

    Edit: I just read in the news section you were putting in your name. You need the product ID number in there including any dashes and it should work. I left instructions in the news section for others as well.
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    Mark Daniels

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    It worked for me. The Keygen is made by JTDLLC Radar Contact. rc4encrypt properties/version tab and company info says JTDLLC. A keygen is normally a PUP and security software will automatically block it and quarantine it. In this scenario it is not the case. It is safe. This is probably the software they created used to process your license key in the first place is my best guess.

    Putting two and two togerther to make no brainer!
    Before it became freeware people had to send a email with product id and !first name !lastname then they replied with license key in email. It took a little time to do it as it was probably manually processed using this tool. Noone has told me this. I am only guessing.

    Now I grabbed this download in a heartbeat and had good first install and activation. I could have had fun and emailed myself the usual things they wanted while it was payware (should still be in my opinion look at the 1200mb folder of hard work!). I thought nah I wanted this software for so long and couldn't afford the price tag so I went without until tonight. Thanks to JTDLLC for their kindness. Even though FS2004 is thought of as old I still fly it daily as my only flight simulator. BIG THANKS to for letting us know too!! BIG THANKS TO JTDLLC!!!

    I'll give a little advise. Firstly, FS2004or X should be running FIRST. Then run RC4. Load your flightplan into RC4 first then do your flightplan in your sim. Then press the green button and it'll start working. Follow your waypoints to the tee or it will nag until you do, "Do you see yourself on the jetway? Do you need some assitance? Fly heading 305 degrees to waypoint" LOL!!
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    For the icing on the cake, I recommend Meatwater's voicepack mods which give a more realistic radio sound to the ATC and AI pilot's voices:

    Also, if you use FSUIPC, you can configure it so that Radar Contact correctly recognizes airline callsigns:

    Before you edit, change, move, etc your FSUPIC.INI file ALWAYS make a copy of it first!

    Here are the changes you should make to FSUIPC.INI file that will enable not only Airline Callsigns but a few other facilities too. So instead of Boeing 7358K, you will now hear United Flight 4532 or Horizon Air 1232 etc.

    For instance, if you have experience flying in a typical traffic pattern performing closed traffic, a lot of Real World controllers will simply call you by.. "Cessna 56B" Instead of "N4556B". Something I had never heard before I made this change.


    FSUIPC supplies data on the additional AI aircraft flying in the neighbourhood, for external TCAS or mapping programs to display. Normally such aircraft are identified by Airline and Flight number, if there is one, otherwise by the Tail number. However, other types of identification string can be chosen instead. In particular, the optional labels placed on the aircraft by FS in the scenery view only shows tail numbers, so if you want to match them up you’d want to set this parameter to "Tail". The utility "TrafficLook" can show these differences in its display.

    The full list of options here is:

    Flight for airline+flight, or tail number, as available (default)

    Tail for tail numbers only 7

    Type for the "ATC type", generally only the Make

    Title from the aircraft title (in the .CFG file), truncated to 17 characters

    Type+ for the type as above, truncated if necessary, plus the last 3 characters of the tail number

    Model for the model description


    Sets the maximum range at which AI aircraft will be added to the tables for external TCAS applications. This defaults to 40 nm. A value of 0 turns off the limit altogether.


    This can be added by the User if the above settings are to remain locked, unchangeable except by editing here, in the INI file.

    For Example:



    TCASid=Type+ <- Not found in my original FSUIPC.INI, however it works well when added.


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