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Thread: Article: Radar Contact Now Freeware

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    Default Article: Radar Contact Now Freeware

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    Sincere thanks for this, I've been using RCv4 since 2005 (I think!) and wouldn't fly without it.

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    Oh what a wonderful New Year's surprise! Thank you so much!

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    +1 RC4 since its inception

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    The rcv4encrypt file has a virus... also it only installs for FSX only, is there a FS2004 version available?

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    I had the same issue with a virus notification and no FS9 version.

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    I can open the encrypt file to generate a key but how do you generate it?

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    Often installers give false virus warnings that is nothing new, however, with the likes of X-Plane 11, FSX-SE, P3Dv3/4.4, and AeroFly 2, I have to ask, FS9? Seriously? It's well into the 2010's, and almost 2020, and any real reason to stay with antiquated software has been done away with. So, it does not surprise me that this has no FS9 support you're talking about software released in 2003 and made obsolete in 2006, so I am glad that the developers are moving on and not supporting something that is deader then FSX. The time to upgrade is now. P3Dv3/4 is light years better. X-Plane 11 while not my cup of tea is actually better in it's default state than default FSX/P3Dv3.

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    Thanks ryogahibiki345 for letting us know FS9 is an old program. I was just mentioning
    that this free program isn't working in FS9 as stated. Frankly I don't care if it works or not but was willing
    to try it for fun. FS9 is fun for me and chasing technology is not.
    Happy ancient flying to all.

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    Then why are you using a computer and not an abacus? Why are you flying FS9 and not FS5.1 or subLogic Flight Simulator on data cassette tape? When you drive are you using a steam powered horseless carriage? It's not about chasing technology and that was my point. FSX is over 10 years old. So it's not about technology it's about stubbornly clinging onto something and refusing to change but, hey it did wonders for Kodak right?

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