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    Default DX10 Qustion

    I have FSX, Windows 7, Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti, I have been having a problem when installing A2A planes. When I installed the plane it gets to the end of the install DirectX will do something and the error comes up. after that it ask to continue i press yes and and the plane is installed. I went to Microsoft/DirectX and it had me installed a upgrade. It installed DX11 on, It did not help. Do I take it off and start a new install?
    Error Occurred
    "Please refer to DX error log and Direct X. log in your windows folder to determine problem."
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    Hi Dan,

    No need to uninstall...…

    Download the Direct X Redistribution package form HERE - The Redist package includes files for versions 9, 10 and 11 and will install missing versions and replace invalid/corrupt/missing files of other version that are already installed.

    Download the file, saving it to a temp location - DO NOT run the installation directly from the download option. To install, right click on the saved file and select the Run as Administrator option. Reboot the PC after the install - essential to allow system files and the Registry to be updated - and then test FSX before trying to re-install the A2A stuff.

    For info, WRT to the "Please refer to DX error log and Direct X. log in your windows folder to determine problem." error statement. If you click on the Start menu Run option and insert the word DXDiag into the box and click OK it will run a check of your DX install and flag any issues
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