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Thread: Is my laptop able to run FS2002

  1. Question Is my laptop able to run FS2002

    Hello, I'm planning buying fs2002 but I want so know if my pc can run it.

    Here are the specs of my pc:

    Intel Celron dual-core processor (1.10 GHz)

    Intel intergrated graphics (1GB)

    4GB DDR4 Memory

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    I would say that you're OK but not "fine".

    Your CPU could be faster but depending on what resolution you're happy with, you should have no problems.
    Your RAM might also be a little on the low side if you're shooting for higher resolutions. Running 8 Gig of RAM on a desktop works fine for me.

    As an example, I'm running an i3 (dual core) desktop CPU stock-clocked at 3.9 GHz with 8 Gigs of RAM and a low-rent (think: $40 special) fanless GPU and FS2K2 runs like gang busters. That's with a lot of add-on scenery and aircraft installed, graphics set to 1920X1080, all display options On and maxed out, and frame rate locked at 60 Hz. I'm also running Win 10 (64 bit). I've run FS2K2 in excess of 12 hours with no hiccups. The machine didn't get tired, I did.

    On versions of FS prior to FSX/SE and P3D, your performance is usually determined by (in order of importance) :

    -Your CPU clock speed, the faster the better. This is biggest item that determines how well FS will perform.
    -Your RAM on the mother board. Running 8 Gigs of RAM can be thought of as the sweet spot.
    -Your GPU/graphics card. Bigger (more expensive) isn't always better when it comes to old games.
    -Your operating system (ie, Win whatever). Running a 64 bit OS makes FS more stable than on a 32 bit OS.

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    well, i don't really care if it looks bad i just want it to be playable enough to enjoy.

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    Well, load it and see what happens.

    An old rule of thumb with FS is that your resolution in the game should match the resolution on your desktop screen.
    If you have problems with FS crashing, try knocking the resolution back one step.
    From the hardware specs you listed, you may also want to save longer flights after 1-2 hours.
    FS tends to hog memory over time.

    Before you start planning to add aircraft or scenery, get FS to the point where its running and stable.

    Good luck. If you have questions or problems there are a lot of people here who can help.

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