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Thread: MFG rudder pedals?

  1. Default MFG rudder pedals?

    What do you think of my new MFG rudder pedals?
    Are they the best? They should be, I hope? Let me know what you think?

    They are expensive! But are there others out there that are just as good?

    Have a look and let me know what you think! Here my opinion….

    (Sadly my ThrustMaster rudder pedals are not happy)….

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    Daisy, Daisy......Dave, I won't blow you out of the airlock if you give me those rudder pedals! Those are awesome!

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    Your TrustMaster, I assume they were / Pro? version are perfectly fine devices.. I've had many different makes / kinds and none are much better / worth the price difference, if you set them up correctly the TrustMasters work great.
    The one I use now, it's likely over 10 years old, and I have 3-4 different makes collecting dust. I like them because they are comfortable to the feet / feel good under my feet, have enough travel distance to give you the real acft feel when you set them up correctly, most others are short stroke and uncomfortable.
    I would rather spent that money and get a better CPU, GPU, RAM..
    But if you enjoy, and can justify them, go for it.

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